Proceeding Name: Machine Learning Applications: Conference Proceedings

ISSN: 2984-7826

Frequency: Separate Volume for each submitted Proceeding

The Machine Learning Applications: Conference Proceedings is a conference series that publishes machine learning research papers presented at symposuims and conferences. Each volume is separately titled and associated with a particular symposuim or conference and will be published online on the web site. Authors retain copyright.

Machine Learning Applications: Conference Proceedings is a peer reviewed proceeding focused on research related to machine learning. This proceeding encompasses all aspects of research and development in ML, including but not limited to data mining, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), intelligent systems, neural networks, AI-based software engineering, bioinformatics, and their applications in the areas of engineering, business, and social sciences. It covers a broad spectrum of applications in the community, from industrygovernment, and academia.

The proceedings publishes research results in addition to new approaches to ML, with a focus on value and effectiveness. Application papers should demonstrate how ML can be used to solve important practical problems. Research methodology papers should demonstrate an improvement to the way in which existing ML research is conducted. The proceeding audience comprises academia, industry, and practitioners. Authors are strongly encouraged to make their datasets publicly accessible via a repository of their choosing.