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Content Access and Indexing

Full-Text Download

MLA collaborates with a number of indexing databases, platforms, and external companies that wish to index our content. Therefore, we offer a variety of ways to access our publications:

  • Through depositing feeds: We offer customized electronic depositing feeds for indexing databases that partner with us. Typically, our feeds deliver content via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), in which we can deliver full-text content as well as metadata. The data is provided either in XML format, PDF format or both.
  • Through Crossref: MLA is a member of Crossref and all of our content is registered with DOIs. All newly published metadata is deposited to Crossref within approximately 24 hours after publication. Please visit Crossref to find further details on metadata retrieval.
  • Through the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) interface: MLA maintains an OAI-PMH interface for metadata sharing and harvesting, which can be accessed at We readily provide the metadata in Dublin Core format (oai_dc set) and in AGRIS format (oai_agris set) for a number of journals related to agronomy and agriculture.
  • Through manual download from the search results page: You can export up to 1,000 articles per search result. To ease the process, first set the “Results per Page” to the maximum number of 200.
  • Through page scrapping: We provide standardized metadata in Dublin Core, PRISM and Google Scholar formats that are embedded in the source code of each paper's abstract pages.